Update: 8 months post op!

I apologize for the hiatus. As time passed, there has been less to report anyway. But this blog post will shake things up a bit.

So yes, I am about 8 months post op. I had my top surgery last November 21,2014. I got the periareolar mastectomy where the incisions are along the areola thus the absence of the typical top surgery scars from the double incision method. Periareolar mastectomy is usually done for those with a less than A size, sometimes borderline A to 32B max. Conditions where a guy is a bit bigger then 32B but the skin elasticity is excellent may merit one as a candidate for periareolar however the chances of future revision may be present.

So here is a picture of my chest a few days ago..


And a quick compare to what it looked like a few months back..


You can see the obvious and the reason for this post. The most obvious would be the extra fat on my right side. I have mentioned this to my surgeon when I took the first picture and he mentioned that it was still too early to tell if it was excess fat or the absence of my lats (LOL). So I have been focusing on some pullups to see if it would go away. Based on the second pic, it did not go away. If any, it may have even been emphasized. 

The second thing I noticed was my left side was bigger than my right chest. I thought maybe it had something to do with my dextroscoliosis but when I tried to “align” my body, it was not going away. Plus when I flexed and tried to move pecs, I could feel both pecs contracting but it was only the right side that I see moving. I knew there was some extra fat.

So after months of waiting and re-scheduling, I had my top surgery correction (not revision since nothing was re-opened etc) yesterday July 11, 2015. It was just liposuction in 3 areas: the right side under my armpit, the left side on the chest itself and the left area under the armpit as there were some fat left there. We just did it in his clinic as opposed to an operating room during my actual surgery. Topical and local anesthetic was used and I have 3 areas that needed minor stitching since these were were the liposuction canulla was inserted. And that canulla is not small LOL.

True enough, it was really fat left in there. My surgeon explained that during the initial consult, my right side was much bigger and he had to do a chunk of liposuction. My left was just right so he didn’t really tinker with it that much. And I actually agreed since that was what I knew back then as well. Apparently, some of the fat are just not localized within the area so once the glands and the breast mass was out, the fat crept in slowly which explained the assymetry. A total of 5cc fat was removed from my right side (the one you can clearly see in the picture), 7cc from under my left armpit and a whopping 13cc from my left chest. I knew I wasn’t imagining that they were not level! Haha!

So now, I am stuck wearing a binder again for the next 2 to 3 weeks and no gym time for at least a month, preferably 2 months. Hopefully that will be the last invasive chest procedure I would undergo. I am planning for a nipple reduction and possibly the excision of the stretched scars around the areola. But overall, despite the imperfection, I have always been 110% happy about my results. 

Again, I would highly recommend my surgeon Dr. Enrico Valera. You may visit his clinic for a consultation located at St. Lukes Medical Center, Quezon City Philippines. His clinic is at room 911 North Cathedral Arts Bldg.


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