Almost 4 months post op..

I think it is high time for me do an update since a couple of things are up in the next few months.

I went for a visit to my surgeon just a few weeks ago to discuss some things which were bothering me.

First, I was getting some sores/wounds on some areas of the scar and it wasn’t healing no matter what I tried. It looked like blisters and then when they popped, pus would come out. I know it was a bit of irritation as I have read incisions do that but at this point, nothing was in that area dor the white blood cells to act on. True enough when he examined it, the knot of the superficial stitches was still under my skin, under that spot of the recurring wound. He managed to get it out and now the wound is fine. This was on my right nipple. It got me so concerned because the right was the “good” side and if anything fcked up happens, I’ll just end up not being confident at all.

Second, my left chest has improved tons since the last post, however, it is still uneven with the right. Muscle-wise, my right chest is looking good but the left still has some leftover fat/fluid making it look bigger but “softer”. Get what I mean? Here are some pictures. Upfront it’s not noticeable but from the sides, I think it is.



And here it is today (forgot to take side pics though!)


Oh, I think I got leaner too LOL anyway…

So we agreed that I could liposuction to remove excess fat in about 6 months. I agreed to this so I am planning in May. Now, he also did mention that fat can be burned (And I should have thought about that too) and he gave me the option to just log some more gym hours to see where we will end up in 6 months amd then we will decide if a revision is due. Of course I do not want to shell out cash (minimum 35,000 php) to have this done yet I feel happy to have that option. I already have the money, I just need to see if this can go away with training.

And to satisfy my vanity again, here is another pic 🙀



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