2 months post-op!

Finally I get some free time to update. Besides, there hasn’t been much to report anyway between this and the last post.

I haven’t gone back to my surgeon yet because I am so wrapped up in work. And because I am in the office a minimum of 11 hours , all extra time is devoted to sleeping. I haven’t been logging any gym time either so recovery is my utmost priority now that I am planning my first day back with the iron.

Anyway, back to my chest update. There is still some swelling on the sides. If you read on any type of plastic surgery, swelling is expected till the 6th month mark. The assymetry I mentioned previously has gone down so that’s good news. Another bit of awesomeness is the visibility of my previous hard work in the gym. Before surgery, I was working out consistently for almost 1 year, even beasting it out till the day before.

So here’s a picture of how it looks like.. Note that most of the liposuction happened on my sides thus the swelling.


IMO, looks pretty good at 2 months. And that’s not some form of self praise because it’s my chest but I think I have seen too much of results that would not work for me. I am, and forever will be, eternally grateful.

You can’t see the scars I got with the procedure. My iPad’s camera doesn’t work too well with macro shots. Maybe I will take one with my phone. Anyway, I have mentioned before that I scar badly. This is one of the reasons why I will definitely not opt for double incision unless I ultimately had no choice. My recovery was pretty quick and I get excited too easily. And I do blame myself for the scar stretching out. The right areola is much more stretched than the other. The surgeon said that I may have broke off an internal stitch or maybe the stitch didn’t hold up to well. I say… I moved way too much at a very early stage. LOL But honestly it does not worry me too much as I am planning a chest piece later this year.

Anyway, that’s it for the update. Nothing much to note at this point. Most probably the next one will be at 4 months or more or maybe when I go back to my surgeon. I have full sensation on both nipples and I can pretty much wear anything (or nothing) now.

I have also been asked about any revision plans specifically nipple and areola reduction. Quite honestly, I am all too glad to have a flat chest. I could not wish for anything. This is my definition of perfection and it would be too much for me to wany more than what I have now. When I started transitioning, there were only two things on my mind: live as a man and live with a flat chest. I got both now, so why ask for more?


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