38 days Post Op!

Wooooh time flies. I know it’s been a while. I don’t really have anything huge to post, just improvements.

I know the last time there were some things about my chest that I was concerned of like uneveness, swelling, scar tissue etc. Since then, I have tried to bind more often again per my surgeon’s instructions. I was a bit too excited to flaunt around in a shirt without a binder that I may have caused more damage while healing. So here is a comparison picture..


So the picture on the right was taken just a few minutes ago. You can note less swelling definitely. The left side is already trying to catch up with the proportions. I have been doing daily massages with sunflower oil and have religiously been putting scar cream on the incisions.


Pictures on the left column was 10 days ago. Not sure if you see it but my scars have definitely stretched (my fault, again) but they are flattter unlike before. Hair has stated to grow back and mind you, it’s starting all over my chest too! Some of the stitches are still coming out and one notable difference is when I pull them out, everything feels better in that area and starts to be symmetrical with the other side.

On a happier note, I have started with pushups already! And it’s amazing that I haven’t lost that much strength to do them. Once the 6-week mark is over, I will be back on the gym. Of course, still dependin on the overall feeling in my chest and still wearing the binder too. Just a little bit more until things are back to where they used to be. đŸ™‚


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