The 3rd Post Op Visit

Alright, as promised, here are the details.

I did make a post previously saying my left chest was bigger than the right. It also seemed and felt like there was fluid underneath or swelling. Well, I did observe it for a whole week and it seemed like it wasn’t going away, if not getting more uncomfortable. It just felt swollen and tender especially when I take off the binder. So I decided to visit my surgeon. And here is what he advised. Posting the picture again for reference.


Overall, it was too early to tell if somethig else needs to be done. Final result are to be expected around 3-6 months and I was just 3 weeks post op during the visit.

First, look at the arrow pointing upwards. That is my right side and in terms of flatness, it looks much better. My surgeon said that pre-op, this was the bigger side. I agree. Thus, he did more liposuction on this side. More liposuction generates more scar tissue and that’s how it is now. Some areas are hard and you can tell it is scar tissue.

The arrow pointing down is my left side and there’s much more going on in there. The fold you see is how he contoured my chest. This is what you would usually see in men going to the gym. There is a line from the armpit down to the nipple. He contoured it that way because he knew I can make it work being a gym freak. There is less scar tissue on this side because it was my “better” side pre-op. Less liposuction, less tinkering, much more contouring. There is just a bit of swelling left on the sides because as mentioned before, almost all the liposuction happened on my sides because of fat deposit. Both sides have battle scars in the sides as you can tell.

Worst case scenario is him doing a bit more of liposuction on the left to clear things up if they don’t on their own. And that means longer recovery time AGAIN. NO THANKS.

I am, however, determined about not getting operated on again. I am confident the right side will catch up with the contouring once the scar tissues soften and I can massage them. After all, this assymmetry clears up all the time after I have removed the binder to let the skin breathe. So I know it is all part of the chest shifting and healing process.

One interesting thing that happened though was when he removed some of the stitches poking through. On the days leading tonthe visit, my left side felt uncomfortable. There were a few stitches coming out too. When I went to the surgeon, he saw the stitches and cut whatever was poking out to avoid germs from getting through the hole. When he cut a particular stitch (located on the leftmost side of the nipple), everything felt better. I felt the left side decreasing in size plus the discomfort went away. I am not sure what that was about, if that particular stitch was causing some problem or anything. It’s just weird. Anyway, as of writing this, I am officially 1 month post op šŸ™‚


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