28 days post op!

Time flies fast. Wow. Seems only yesterday when I was praying so hard to get surgery this year.

Anyway, recovery is definitely almost at 100% in terms of mobility. I have full ROM already in my arms however I still can’t (or maybe scared) raise them up fast because I can still feel some stretch inside and on the nipples. And speaking of nipples, here is how they look compared to Day 8 and Day 14.


You can definitely see the formation stage of scars. I am not a keloid former, more of a hypertrophic scar former. My scars are discolored and usually dented. My surgeon gave a sample packet of Contractubex last week during my 3rd post op visit (which I will discuss after this post) but just today, I have switched over to Hiruscar (395php) and will see what it does for me. Contractubex is expensive plus I don’t like the silicone-like film it creates over the scar in less than a minute making application gooey and sticky immediately.

As far as the entire chest, here is a picture.


I have pointed out in red the areas where there is still an obvious disfiguration. The chest shifts while healing and will settle most probably by months 3 to 6. I am still binding especially when sleeping and have added extra packing to help contour the chest especially in those “bulging” areas. Plus, it hurts to bind now especially in the ribcage area but still it has to be done for about 4 more weeks. Random shooting pain ensues in the nipple area probably because of nerve repair. I have itch, pressure, temperature and slight touch sensation in both nipples which is good. Scar formation is more noticeable on the right side (area near the door on the closet handle in the picture). Note the fold on the other side (arm nearest the fan). I will discuss that in the next post.

All in all, really really really happy. I can wear anything or nothing at all. I can walk around freely and with good posture too! I am really grateful for a blessed 2014!


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