Recovery Progress

I just needed to get this out there because while it is good, it is somehow a bit too fast. Let me explain.

The day of surgery, I was expecting a lot of pain after. I was expecting nausea, extreme soreness, maybe a separate IV drip for pain meds. The perception of surgery is concentrated more on post operational experiences. Though there may be variations due to age, pain tolerance, procedure, physical condition etc, pain is never absent in most of the experiences. Going back, when I got out of the recover room, it all just felt like I had enjoyed Chest Day too much andy legs feeling wonky due to the epidural numbing my lower extremities. But that’s just it. I knew I had pain meds in my IV (I saw the aneshesiologist putting it in before we started) and possibly the remaining pain meds in my bloodstream that the put in directly. I drifted in and out of sleep in the car but still managed to hang out for coffee, drains and all. We even walked a great deal because the street towads our house was not passable due to traffic. I was prescribed Celecoxib for pain every 12 hours for the next 2 days and an extra 2 pills, if I needed them. Now since Celecoxib is an anti-inflammatory drug, my surgeon said to consume all 6 capsules anyway to combat swelling and prevent hematomas. Now if it wasn’t for his advice, I knew it wasn’t needed at all.

The whole experience was more uncomfortable rather than painful. I had drains for 4 days before they stopped draining anything and my chest started to become sore from the sucking pressure plus the tight binder. I was supposed to get the drains out on Day 5 but it was moved to Day 4. Once they were out, I can pretty much do all basic tasks.

The stitches were scheduled to be removed on Day 10 but was moved earlier to Day 8 due to time constraints. And even then, there wasn’t too much discomfort. Once the stitches were out, it was like recovery boosted to 200%. Plus I was using MEBO ointment and taking 1000mg Vitamin C everyday starting 2 weeks prior to the day.

The scars closed up on Day 11 but I still put on steri strips to prevent the scar from stretching. I have also regained full range of motion but I am still careful because I feel the scars stretching if they are not lubricated. As of writing, I have been doing scar massages and can definitely note a big difference in mobility and sensation. My right nipple is regaining sensation quite quickly. The left one is starting to itch now, which is what happened to my right when it started to feel sensitive to touch.

I am barely 3 weeks post op and everything feels good. There are irregularities possibly due to scar tissue and my surgeon will take a look at it this Friday. He said if he needs to do something to remedy the situation then he will be doing it already. I have said it before, he is a damn perfectionist and does not want lackluster results on ANY of his patients and that restores my confidence with the slight asymmetry which might only be visible to me. LOL

Recovery is too fast it scares me. But if it means getting back to the gym sooner, then please go much faster than it already is.


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