16 days Post Op!

So here we are. Been super busy at work; year-end payroll just eats me up alive. And to think I have only been back for 1 week!

So at 16 days post op, there’s not too much to report really. I mean, work just keeps me occupied. I think I may have overworked myself the past couple of days that once I get home, it’s lights out already.

However, there are a couple of things I have noticed and it’s more on the symmetry of the results. Nothing big, I just notice it more because of the chest vanity.

My right side is slightly bigger than my right. I am not sure if it’s swelling because there is no pain and when I press on it, it’s not hard nor warm. It’s just bigger. I have contacted my surgeon and sent him pics. He is still in the process of analyzing the pictures as we speak.

My left side has a LOT more scar tissue than the other. As a result, it’s a bit flatter prolly because the scar is starting to adhere to the skin. I am doing a bit of massage to try and loosen it up and maintain mobility. Here’s a comparison picture.


Either the depression is indicative of the scar tissue or some swelling left over. My right side definitely looks much more defined and neat. And between the two sides, I have more sensation and sensitivity on my right side too.

There is also some left over fluid or swelling on my left as you can see here..


My surgeon told me to put extra compression since I still wear a binder. And that extra compression I use are sanitary pads. Yup. It’s funny because I’ve never bought pads since I started T and now I use them for a different purpose. LOL

Overall, I am very happy with the results regardless of the updates above.  I have waited too long and worked too hard for this and I am jusy really thankful for the chance to finally get surgery 🙂

And to satisfy my vanity…



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