Stitches out!

Yes yes! Got my stitches out yesterday. It wasn’t a bad experience considering I am still numb in that particular area. It was just scary because in the past 10 days, I haven’t seen anything bloody in relation to my chest. While removing, it began to bleed. Not a lot but enough for him to keep on asking for Q-tips to wipe off the area. Stitches on the torso area are usually removed in 10-14 days and mine came out on the 9th day. A day may not seem a big deal but in aesthetics, it may be difference between perfection and failure. Or maybe that’s just me and my OCD.

My surgeon also gave me a choice of not removing the stitches, which I did not agree to because 1) I was already there and 2) I don’t want to go to work knowing I was still literally stitched up.

I might have to agree with him that it may have been a bit too early and that DOES matter because the tension would be between the whole surface area of the chest versus that incision around the areola. When it bled, somehow we both knew. Thus, he used 6-7 steristrips per areola as reinforcement for the removed sutures. This is what they looked like when I got home from the hospital..


And with the sutures removed, I can now OFFICIALLY take a normal bath, letting the water run down my now-flat chest 🙂

I will also talk in detail about a medication that was recommended to me which I consider a miracle now. Why? This is a comparison between the picture above and after I slept overnight with the medication applied..


Gaps are almost closed, wound is almost dried up. And that’s in less than 12 hours. I will discuss the medication in a separate post.

And this is a healing comparison of Day 6 and Day 9. IDK if you see it but there a whole lot of “spot the difference” stuff going on, except for the obvious steristrips.



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