9 Days Post Op

I have an appointment today to get the sutures out. I think the wound is ready LOL From there, it’s straight on till I can go back to my usual physical activities…hopefully.

I am regaining sensation on my areola. Whenever I clean and put ointment, I can definitely feel something. Every now and then, a brief swoosh of soreness will happen. Happens in a split second or in three pulses. I read somewhere that these are the nerves trying to re-establish their network.

I started taking a bath last Tuesday but still trying to keep my nipples dry. What a relief! But I think one of the drain holes got infected or scarred more. My left drain hole is flat and undetectable now. The right one, however, bulked up sort of like a keloid. I think it may have been because I move my right arm too much.


I am still binding with the Ace bandage. But it’s a very itchy experience every time. I did buy a compression vest yesterday so I should be receiving it on Monday. The Ace bandage is very dysphoric for me, especially since it is detectable under clothing. And if I have to do this everyday for at least 4 weeks, then I might as well forget having had the surgery.


My nipples are looking dry and nice already. Sorry about the crusties, that’s from the ointment. And the reddish parts, pulling off the tape irritates everything LOL.


And standing up, this is what it looks like 9 days post op. Can’t be happier 🙂



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