Reality Check # 1


Sure your chest is flat. By now, your range of motion has improved loads and the bruises are now yellowish-red rather than purple-red.

But for the next 4 to 6 weeks, you still have to bind your chest, ideally 24/7 except when bathing. WHY?

The removal of the breast tissue, glands and fat creates a cavity in your chest. This cavity attracts fluid, blood and all other biological liquids. If these liquids are given the chance to penetrate the cavity, that will cause swelling, seroma and even hematoma. Plus your capillaries and nerve were most likely severed during the surgery and are looking into reconnecting.

The binder compresses your chest to close off the cavity. It allows the skin adhere to the chest wall properly. This also allows the nerve endings and capillaries to rebuild and help you regain sensation. Binding prevents seroma or fluid buildup. It also prevents hematoma or blood buildup.

Binding will your bestfriend. Be a man and suck it up. It’s the last time anyway 🙂


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