Preparing for Surgery

I think it is high time for me to recall what I have done to prepare for the day. This is going to be a random list. Just gonna go with what I remember.

– Plan a date. I found it easier to stick with everything else with this small time frame.
– Check your options. Do not concentrate on just a couple of surgeons. Inquire, ask, email, call, Google. Exhaust your resources.
– Establish a gym routine at least a year prior and stick with it till the day comes. I have been working our consistentl for 8 months and stuck with it till 24 hours before surgery.
– Plan your finances. Unless you have salary of XXX,XXX.00 every month, it’s pretty easy to mess up your finances. Budget everything. You will have all the time and money to spend on shit after surgery. What do you really want: those Js or freedom?

– Make sure you are still on track. It’s very easy to deviate. Been there, done that. Stop, sit down and re-evaluate how you are progressing.
– Think of how you will stash the money. Open an account, keep a piggy bank, whatever floats your boat. I personally just stashed my money inside our closet because I am more motivated seeing my savings grow.
– High time to fix your nutrition. Trust me on this. A healthy body promotes better recovery and results.
– Schedule an appointment with your preferred surgeons. Ask what they can do for you and how they intend to go about the procedure. Don’t be stingy with them. Haggling with doctors is very delicate because you will be asleep while they are holding the knife. Top surgery at this point has a range of 100,000 php to as much as 250,000 php. Consider that before you compromise.

– Stop any vices you may have especially smoking. I need not say why as there are a lot of pieces already about smoking and post-operative healing. Just Google.
– Finalize your preferred date so you can set other affairs in order.
– If you work in a contact center, advise your manager or TL about your plans. Bear in mind that if you want to file a Leave of Absence, it takes at least 2 to 4 weeks of advaned notice plus documentation.

– Start to mentally prepare yourself. Coping varies depending on the person so you need to have ample time to discover yourself.
– Make your workouts a bit upper body focused and start on some cardio if you are still trying to lose fat.
– Finalize what procedure and surgeon you would go to.
– Ask your surgeon if they have any pre-operative reminders like if you need to stop taking anything etc. I was asked to stop taking fish oil as this may contribute to thinning of the blood.
– Ask your surgeon about the clearance tests you would need to do and when they want to get the results. Some want them a month prior. Mine wanted 2 weeks prior.

– Start taking 1000mg Vitamin C. It helps with healing afterwards.
– Submit lab results if you have them already.
– Workouts can be a bit more chest focused.
– Stop taking NSAIDs, aspirin, Vitamin E, herbal supplements, bodybuilding supps (except whey) etc that may interfere with your surgery. Ask your surgeon about this!!

– Everything will happen fast from here so do not panic.
– Ask your doctor for any pre or post op drugs you need. You need to buy these in advanced. Do not wait till the day before or the day itself, not even the day after.
– Relax. Relax. Relax.
– Finalize your time off work. Submit any medical certificates or documentation pertaining to what you need.
– Try to stop binding if you can. It may help in regenerating your skin and its elasticity. Plus it will help your surgeon draw better since your chest will drop in its most natural way. Binding tends to hold the chest in a certain way, sort of like muscle memory.

– Have a button down shirt and garterized shorts/basketball shorts/sweatpants. The shirt will be the easiest and prolly only thing you can wear for 1-2 days. The shorts will be easy to put on as well. The last thing you want is fumble with buttons.
– Have a water bottle with a straw filled with Gatorade or any ionic drink. This is for you to drink once you can while in recovery. Anesthesia dehydrates you a lot.
– Pack some crackers (Saltine or Skyflakes) that you can eat once in recovery.
– If your surgery is in the morning, you will have a full fast by 12mn. Do NOT eat or drink anything.
– Make sure to check all paperwork you need to bring to the hospital.
– Do NOT be late. It’s bad manners to be late in a hospital setting.

Woops, this turned out to be longer than expected. But that’s roughly the timeline I followed 🙂


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  1. how much is the whole surgery cost you? and the t that ur taking how much did you spend for the whole process


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