Interesting development

I was talking to a nurse friend of mine about what I have been feeling so far and he mentioned, my recovery is pretty fast. As of now, the pain is more localized towards where my nipples should be. There’s be a bit of random throbbing but not too much for me to be bothered by it. No swelling on the upper chest region.

And the most amazing thing is I have sensation even with the bandages. Not the pins and needles kind of sensation but the normal feeling. When I pass my hand over the bandage, I know can feel the nipple area, lower chest. Everything. I take it as a good sign that I won’t wait too long to actually get a feeling of how flat my chest is now.

One other concern that I have is that I am not draining too much anymore. And as I have explained previously, these JP drains provide suction. My concern is pain because of there isn’t anything to suck out anymore, then what will the vacuum force act upon? Or what if the drain tube is blocked? I am actually trying to move around a bit more to coax my body into functioning normally and maybe to get my blood pressure up slightly. I am trying to gauge what will happen. I won’t get these out till Tuesday and that’s still a bit of wait.

Here’s what my right drain looks like.. This side always drained more than the left. Prolly because I use the right side of my body more than the left. Also, this was the bigger side of my chest. I think it’s gonna be my “problem” side.


And this is my left.. This one lightened in color much earlier than the right. The drain insertion point here is giving me less problems than the other. Over all, I don’t have issues with the left side.



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