A lot of people have been asking me all sorts of questions with regards to surgery. Aside from the most common “How much?” to which I answer 100,000 pesos, they also ask me if it’s better to have surgery before or after taking T. All in all, I think the bigger question would be the title of this entry and I do have a few things to say on it. So… When should you have surgery?

1. Note the budget
I paid the minimum amount because my chest is not huge. When I was planning my surgery, I also planned on paying the minimum because that is still a huge amount of money and I know the minimum is an amount that I can save up for. And that leads me to..

2. Log a LOT of gym hours
Because I wanted to pay minimum, I promised myself to exert maximum effort in the gym. When I started T, I knew that someday I’d have to get top surgery. So as early as then, I would do hundreds of pushups etc. I consistently strived to mold my chest and did not schedule a date until I was satisfied with how my chest looked like. The end result? My surgeon was amazed at the amount of fat he liposuctioned. It was so little that most of the stuff he got out was just breast tissue. And I really attribute that to training hard and eating clean.

3. Do it when you have been on T for a bit of time
T causes fat redistribution and that may help decrease breast size. Plus it would be better psychologically. Taking T is something that you may be able stop if you suddenly realize that transitioning is not for you. But surgery is permanent and there’s no crying over spilled milk.

4. Make sure that your affairs are in order
I scheduled my surgery July 5, 2014. That was 4 months away from the actual date because I had to make sure that I can take time off work. I had to make sure that my girlfriend would have enough time to mentally prepare. It is a major event and a major procedure so you can’t just want it right then and there.

So jus a recap: have a budget, have significant gym hours, accept yourself as a transgender individual and have ample time to prepare.


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