Drains ARE Annoying

Can I just share that fact? Having drains is the most irritating part so far.

So what are drains? Jackson-Pratt drains or JP drains or simply, drains, are used to prevent any seroma or fluid build up on the operation site. Fluid build up causes swelling and delays healing. The drains provide suction that leads the fluid away from the site. Once the collected fluid per bulb falls within the 10cc to 24cc range plus is not bloody red anymore, the drains can be removed. Mine will be removed on Tuesday IF it follows the removal criteria.

Anyway, back to why they are a hassle. This is a picture of the drain path..


And the drain caused the bruising on my armpit. Please note that I bruise very, very, VERY easily.


I also saw a bit of brusing on my arm but unsure of how it got there.. Might be from my sleeping position or a remnant from the operating rooom.



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