3 days post op

Nothing new to report, really.

The binder has become a bit loose which I take to be a good sign that the swelling has gone down. However, I am still expecting a lot of bruising under the binder.

The drains are decreasing in amount every day and changing color from blood red to pinkish-yellowish. I have only emptied my drains 3x yesterday as compared to the 4x previously. I fervently wish to get them removed ASAP because they are causing me misery. My consolation is at least I know fluid build up will be very minimal, if not zero. I was also made aware that the other local surgeons keep it in for only 24 hours which I think may be a bit early.

I am not too sore anymore when I am upright although because of the binder, my back hurts even when lying down. And to think this binder is supposed to be worn at least 2 weeks post op. I was planning to make it a bit longer than that but now, ugh, change of heart. I swear there are only 2 miserable thins about this experience: drains and back pain.

I have also started to sleep better but not as deep as usual since I sleep in what you call the Fowler position. I keep waking up at dawn.

I am still taking antibiotics and 1,000mg of Vitamin C everyday. I wasn’t constipated at all so didn’t have to take any Dulcolax. My girlfriend scared me that I will be losing a lot of mass if I don’t eat so my eating patterns are still the same. Just haven’t gone around doing meal prep so this kid is going to be a fat ass by January.

Off to be a couch potato again!


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