Almost 24 hours post op…

And I am feeling awesome! Not in any pain at all, just really sore and my back is killing me because of the binder.

We have emptied the drains twice so far in the last 8 hours and already the amount is half than what it was last night. The drain fluid is looking lighter as well this morning than the blood red last night. I have taken 2 antibiotic pills and 1 pain pill (which I think I didn’t really need).

The only difficulty that I have is with sleeping. I am NOT a back sleeper at all. And what made it even worse is I can’t even hug a pillow. My range of motion is literally T-rex small. I have to move really close to the things I have to get. My appetite hasn’t really changed and it was interesting to note that as soon as I got out of the OR yesterday, I rummaged through my bag to get crackers and something to drink. I haven’t thrown up at all too which is awesome 🙂

I have only slept for about 2-3 hours but I am super hungry too. I hate moving too much because my armpits are really sore from bandage and the drain. Might just ask someone to buy food for me. Okay, will try to take a nap now!


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