48 hours and counting

The whole experience has proved to me more than a couple of things. I honestly expected more which can probably explain why I am getting bored. LOL

Most guys say that they were out for about 1-3 days after surgery. I was hanging out in Starbucks four hours from surgery. Plus I was walking and eating normally. If any, it just felt like I had an all day Chest day at the gym.

Most guys say they were in and out of sleep. I just had my first long sleep last night. The whole 24 hours (and prolly more) after surgery was just me, Star Movies and food. Even taking some antihistamine didn’t make me sleepy.

My biggest concern was wiping my ass. And I can do it just fine. 😀

I was expecting to be dependent on drugs. Truth be told, I just took the Celebrex for the swelling and not for pain. If it wasn’t an anti-inflammatory drug, I wouldn’t even touch it. Plus the surgeon said 2 days of Celebrex every 12 hours. It is highly likely that I won’t be using the last 2 pills.

I was also expecting a lot of swelling on the upper region of my chest. There isn’t too much; just bruises on where the bandage meets my armpit and the drain insertion site. I can feel some “action” on the lower region since that was where most of the liposuction happened.

The back pain associated with the binder is killing me. I have never used binders or Ace bandages so I didn’t have a clue of how it felt. So this is what it feels like. My chest is caving in but my back is not letting my chest win. It’s like a tug of war and I’m the flag in the middle. Haha!

Overall, I am feeling pretty good. And I can tell it is not just euphoria; I haven’t even seen my chest yet. I am dreading to see it because there is definitely going to be a lot of bruising and nasty things. On the flipside, at least I know it is flat!


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