14 hours to D day.

Three weeks ago, I had everything planned. Take it easy on the days leading to it and be a lazy pig on the week of surgery plus the days after. So how did the plan go? Not quite as I had planned. LOL.

I had to go to the gym today. I really cannot stay away from it knowing that I can only go back next year.. I think it’s one of the best workouts I did. I will miss my early morning gym sessions. Gotta find something else to distract me till I get back. I’m also planning to hide all my gym accessories because I know depression would hit if I see them but can’t use them.

I also went to a photoshoot today for an LGBT event in January. Not much of a posing guy (but I like selfies haha!) but a man’s gotta do it anyway. I am concerned because the event involves a fashion show. By then, it’s either I’m already a fat ass or a skinny twig. Either way, not good. Not fun to think about 😦 The only consolation I have is I may be able to be take off my shirt completely without my chest looking like it came from the set of The Walking Dead.

Dropped by the pharmacy today to pick up some emergency laxatives and antihistamine. I hope I don’t need to use them. Pooping is actually one of my biggest concerns — scratch that — wiping my ass is my biggest concern. Gross but true. Haha!

Fasting starts at 12mn today together with the first antibiotic and pain pill. Hoping I can sleep soundly with a grumbling tummy…


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