48 hours and my fears.

I am absolutely terrified now. Haha! Not because I am going under the knife or because a new phase of my life is going to start but because I am really vain about my chest. Recognizing the possibility of something going wrong just breaks me apart.

My top concerns?

1. Scars
Yes I am concerned about it. I don’t scar badly but yeah, I develop dark ones. Plus even if it’s peri-areolar mastectomy, there’s still the point where the liposuction macine is going in and the points where the drains are going to be.

2. Allergies
I have very sensitive skin due to genetics. I have contact dermatitis and extreme temperatures just trigger a whole lot of sh*t with my skin. It’s one reason why I can’t grow my happy trail properly; that area is where the allergy is worst. I am planning to buy some Benadryl or Celestamine or something.

3. Sunken chest
I fear that I’ve built my chest to the extent that the surgeon might take out more than what he is supposed to. I’ve seen post-op results of other surgeons here and frankly, I don’t like any of them. Either they have puckered or sunken results.

4. Nipple loss
It’s not too big of a deal since nobody would really stare at your nipples but yeah, it’s better if it doesn’t happen.

5. Lopsided results
The reason why I wanted double incision before is the freedom to position the nipples as they are grafts. The thing with peri-areolar is the nipple is left on a stalk or pedicle to maintain sensation. This leaves you little to no room of adjusting the final nipple position.

6. A chest I would regret
I have worked too hard to get my chest the way it is now.. I have worked even harder to save the money to even get the procedure done. I don’t want any regrets.

Moving on, I will be posting what I have been doing in the past 2 weeks to optimize myself for surgery. Stay tuned!


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