Lab Results and Prescription

Yesterday, I went in for my official pre-op consultation. I swear this just got even more amazing than it was. It’s materializing faster than I thought and at this point, my heart is pounding with excitement, fear and anticipation.

So I got my lab results and luckily, everything was normal. My surgeon told me previously that in case there was something funky with the labs, then I may need to move the date or take pre-op medicine. So this was the first good news and realization: surgery is definitely pushing through.

He then gave me the request that I need to present to the receptionist on November 20 at 8 AM. This was merely a request for them to prep me up in the OR and for me to have a word with the anesthesiologist.

He also gave me the post op medicine that I need to take. There were only 2 kinds listed: an antibiotic (Zegen) and a painkiller (Celebrex). I need to start with them the night before surgery then continue until 7 days after. Pain pills are only for the first 48 hours then only as needed onwards. Total cost for the medicine was 1,850.50 pesos.

He then proceeded with taking the before pictures of my chest. He even commented on how my torso and chest has improved with all the gym hours I have been logging in. That made me really swell up since I made my own routine too 🙂 He also took some measurements again, noting that my right nipple was a half inch lower than my left. He also said that the nipple line will go up as my chest was healing so he isn’t worried about the positioning at all. He pointed the parts where he’s do most of the liposuction and where he will be putting the drains. My areola is the standard size of a male already however, I did ask him if I can get nipple reduction after my chest was healed. I feel mine are just too big. He said it wasn’t necessary because healing may cause it to shrink a bit but could be done. Yeah, I know. Nipple-conscious guy here.

So that’s the rundown of the whole consultation. He just gave me bits and bobs of reminders like binding after surgery, not smoking (LOL), continuing with my Vitamin C regimen and the days I will be going back post op. After 3-5 days I will be going back to get the drains removed then on the 10th day, the sutures on the areolas will be removed. I will be binding for the next 2 weeks after surgery but I’m going to ask him if I can extend that period. Just to make sure.

Thus it is set. I am to have peri areolar mastectomy on November 20, 2014 at 9am.

At this point mentally, I am still in disbelief. I find random moments of me just imagining looking into the mirror bare-chested and not worrying. My heart races at random times in anticipation of the day itself. It is still a crazy mix of all emotions but I am definitely happy with how this year is wrapping up in terms of this transition. I feel so blessed and happy that it’s just a few nights away. 🙂


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