How I Saved Up for Surgery

This is the most common question that people have and probably the most creative aspect of the whole process. Mine is actually pretty boring but I have tips on how you may get enough to schedule your freedom day 🙂

I started saving up sometime in June 2014. It was my girlfriend who suddenly said “Hey let’s start saving up for your surgery!” I have had previous attempts in 2013 but all ended up futile. Sh*t just kept on coming up and the money just goes elsewhere. When she suggested it, I felt the urgency of the situation. I felt motivated all of a sudden and thus replied “Well yeah. Let’s give it a go again.”

I am a normal employee in a BPO company. While it has been said that people in the BPOs make a lot of money, it’s still a subject to vary. And besides, I have a life too. It’s not as if I can afford to allot every cent of my salary towards my fund. I wish I could but realistically speaking, I can’t. Please note that I will be speaking from the point of view of someone who is in the BPO industry with no side businesses.

1 tip I can give is take advantage of every “extra income opportunity”. I referred people to our company  (giving them their 50% of the bonus, of course) and made sure I hit all my metrics to get performance incentives. People may joke that these incentives are just used up for tax but hey, a thousand pesos is still better than nothing. When pay day came, I’d separate these extras NO MATTER WHAT.

I also took advantage of the SSS loan. If you are a first-timer, you should have at least 36 posted contributions to get up to 15,000 pesos.

I also lived with basics. I didn’t buy clothes or shoes as often as I used to. I wrote down my budget for a whole cutoff, cutting out any extras which I can spend for once surgery is done.

Because I have a girlfriend, of course the next question is how about dating or eating out. I guess I am lucky that she understood what we were dealing with. If I ask her out, she’d insist eating at home instead. If we both want to eat out, it’s not bad to splurge as long as it’s within the budget. We would eat out once or twice a month as compared to our usual…well.. Multiple times a month. Normally, we just ate somewhere nice if it’s a special day but all the rest, we lived simple. We both had the mindset that after surgery, we can do all those things we missed as often as we can 🙂

More than a couple of people helped me out as well, I don’t need to mention who. But 90% of the money was all through me and my girlfriend’s effort. It was very difficult but it is possible. If you have other questions, just comment below 🙂


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  1. how much did it cost you for that operation nick??? be glad reading your responce, congratulations man….


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