Surgeons in the Philippines

So pepople have been asking where and how I found the surgeon who’s going to do my surgery. It is quite an interesting story so better put it here.

In 2012, we discovered a surgeon who has actually done FTM top surgery. He had a few stealth patients and one of them was kind enough to divulge the information. The surgeon’s name is Dr. Joel Nicdao from McGill Cosmetic Surgery Clinic (or Center? I’m not sure) located at The Fort. Well anyway, since the demand for top surgery during that year was low, prices were within reach. And by within reach, I mean it is not something that you’d have second thoughts shelling out. And besides, we didn’t have any other options…..or so we thought.

Fast forward to 2013, prices have increased by at least 10,000php. Of course the economy is ever changing and this is understandable. But life isn’t getting any cheaper too. Thus, a “price within reach” is slowly becoming a dream. That’s when a brother suggested that I look for options.

My surgeon is Dr. Enrico Valera. I first contacted him in December, together with 5 other surgeons. One of those surgeons even had extensive experience with GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) for Male to Female transexuals. But out of everybody, Dr. Valera was the most respectful and honest in his response. I sent pictures to him and right then and there, he had a “virtual” consult, outlining what needs to be done and what could be done to enhance results. Others merely declined or wanted me to go to their clinic when I specifically said in the email that I am unable to do so because of work, hence the pictures. One other suggested a procedure quite different from the usual DI, keyhole, or peri-areolar technique that I didn’t bother to pursue the idea anymore.

Dr. Valera surprised me out of all as what he suggested was what I had originally planned for myself. He talked about the procedure (peri-areolar surgery) as if it was second nature. His confidence was present all throughout the email conversation that in the end, he was the only one I was coordinating with.

So a tip that people may get from this would be to check out local surgeons.. If you are overseas, explore what is available in your current location or in your city or state. There are a lot of surgeons out there who would be willing to do what you want. And some would have result which are up to par with the “big names”…at half the price!

They say it’s bad to be stingy about your body; it’s the only one you’ll ever have. But economically-speaking, it’s never easy to throw money on the table for results which will not even speak for itself. Just because he/she is the surgeon who has done it does not mean he/she is the only one who can do it. So find a surgeon who is willing to work with your timeline and budget. 🙂


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