5 days!

So my girlfriend just reminded me.. 5 days to go before top surgery! Damn. It’s slowly sinking in at this point..

I’m getting my lab results tomorrow and bringing it to my doctor. He wants lab results taken at least 2 weeks prior to make it more accurate. He had me do a CBC (Complete Blood Count), PT (Prothrombine Time) and ECG (Electro Cardiogram). There were supposed to be other tests but I already got them done early this year. Surgeon was fine with that since the results were normal. Total costs for the tests I got done was 615 pesos. I got them done at a diagnostic clinic near our place.

At this point psychologically, I find that I’m just wading through the days.. I am excited but more on just thinking deeply about what’s going to happen. I find myself staring into space sometimes, thinking about all the possibilities after surgery. Of course it would be months before I can be as functional as I am now but it’s just looking really bright ahead. I am also partly scared that my results would not meet my expectations or be really bad. This chest vanity is just getting stronger due to working out really hard for the past 6 months or so. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t really paid that much attention to it but at the same time grateful because the surgeon praised me for what I’ve done with it: definition and mass-wise.

I ‘ll be posting more after the pre-op consultaton tomorrow.. Hopefully I remember everything!


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