Good days coming up!

Hi, my name is Nick and I am a Filipino female to male transgender.

What an introduction, eh?

Well, that’s the whole point of this blog anyway. I feel there is a lack of Filipino transgender men experience. Sure, there is Youtube and the media. But old school, journal-type writing gives it much more life. Or maybe that’s just me.

Just a brief background, hopefully you’re still interested. I started medically transitioning on September 11, 2011.  I have known I was transgender since 2006 but I knew I was a boy since I was 6. Back in 2006, I had zero resources. Coming from a conservative Catholic country made it even harder for me to simply consider the idea that I may be more than just “a boy with different parts”.

Fast forward to today, I am now 3 years and 2 months on testoterone. I am still here in the Philippines and things have definitely been better. We have discovered endocrinologists who can help prescribe testosterone and monitor general well-being. We also have surgeons who are proficient in performing top surgery. That said, I am also 10 days away from top surgery 🙂

So hopefully, I can keep this up. I just wanted to mainly document the journey towards top surgery since there is a lack of resource regarding that, especially in the Philippines. I want to cover everything, from the first consult till the weeks after. I will be including my training (“workout”) in preparation for the day and most definitely the details of my surgeon so that anybody looking into the procedure would be able to have an overview of what they can expect. Most experiences are from overseas and the expertise there is unparalleled compared here so there may be a difference.

Comment below if you want me to discuss something related to the surgery and I’ll be glad to look into it. 🙂


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  1. hi bro, i’d like to ask something


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